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M. Janice Villarrubia

I went to law school after successful careers in insurance adjusting and broadcast sales. My interest in estate law and ultimately my law practice began as a result of a difficult litigation over my mother's estate.

I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Affairs from Florida State University and my Juris Doctor from Southern University Law Center. I participate yearly in professionalism seminars for incoming law students at Loyola and Tulane University law schools in New Orleans. I am an instructor for continuing legal education for the National Business Institute and Southern Law Center.

Originally from Florida, I have lived in Louisiana for over thirty years and consider it home. I have one child, Evan, who lives in Dali, Yunnan, China with his wife Yanzi and children. I have traveled in Europe, Canada, Mexico and most recently China to visit my son and grandchildren. My interests outside of work are tennis, swimming, and travel.

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“A Results-Oriented Legal Practice”

Interdictions / Conservatorship

An interdiction (conservatorship) is a legal restraint upon a person incapable of managing their estate or affairs because of mental or physical incapacity. It can prevent them from doing any act to their own prejudice without the consent of their curator.

Successions / Probate

Succession is the process of settling a deceased person's estate and distributing the property after debts are paid. This process is called probate in other states.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process by which an individual or family arranges the transfer of assets in anticipation of death. An estate plan aims to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for the intended beneficiaries and flexibility for the individual prior to death. Estate planning requires a lot of experience to make sure your estate is well taken care of.

Living Wills

A living will is a document that allows a person to explain in writing which medical treatment they do or do not want during a terminal illness. A terminal illness is a fatal illness that leads ultimately to death.


A will is a document in which a person specifies the method to be applied in the management and distribution of their estate after their death. This legal instrument permits a person, the testator, to make decisions on how their estate will be managed and distributed after their death.

Powers of Attorney

A Power of attorney is a document you can use to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf. The person you designate is called an "agent" or "attorney-in-fact." The appointment can be effective immediately or can become effective only if you are unable to make decisions on your own.

Succession Litigation

In the course of completing the probate process, various issues can arise which require the skills of experienced trial attorney. If you are involved in estate litigation, you need an experienced lawyer who understands the complexities and nuances of the probate court in Louisiana. We have devoted 14 years to helping families with forced heirship claims, interdiction litigation, and succession / probate litigation.


Louisiana Bar Association | Baton Rouge Bar Association
2014 President of the East Baton Rouge Estate and Business Planning Council